Ebooks in Hebrew and Greek

This post may seem a bit off-topic, but it is related to language learning, and even dragons, in a way. Two of my target languages are Hebrew and Greek. A huge part of the literature I want to be able to read are holy scriptures: the  Hebrew Bible, its first translation in Greek known as the Septuagint, and of course the Greek new testament. I purchased a Kobo e-reader so I can carry such a library easily.

Then I generated ebooks versions of those texts  in epub format, the most convenient one to read on those devices. I decided to host them here. Hey, who knows, maybe some nerdy biblical language majors learning French (there are some) looking for ebooks will find the site and end up joining the adventures at Laelith ?

The text comes from the Openscriptures Hebrew Bible and is released under CC BY-NC 2.0.  

I did not manage to correctly parse all the entries of the Openscriptures’s version of the BDB Lexicon, but it is better than nothing. Released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license. 

Note that I had to configure the Kobo reader so that cre_storage_size_factor = 2 in order for the device not to try to refresh the cache each time it open the document.

  • LXX (greek translation of the Hebrew Bible)

The original text comes from the University of Pennsylvania. There is no clear licensing information. It looks like the existing document does not really apply for a publicly available web document. It seems to be ok to distribute it for no commercial purpose.

The original text comes from the Sword Project’s SBLGNT module Copyright 2010 Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature. Free non-commercial distribution.

Note the article’s picture showing an entry of the Middle & Liddell dictionary for δράκων is a bit of a teaser: the Kobo device does not handle well inflections with dictionaries (except for Japanese, another of my target languages \o/), I just happen to ask for the definition of the word in the nominative so the dictionary found it, otherwise there is no real automatic lexicon access for Greek, nor for Hebrew.